Swancon 14 – ‘The Real Official Progress Report 1’ – summary

Description and transcriptions by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

The first ‘official’ progress report for SwanCon 14 was a 16 page, A4 sized booklet, saddle stapled together. The front cover has a Lewis Morley pencil drawing of a large robot mouse destroying buildings, including one inscribed with ‘Hilton’ down the side, and the words ‘SWANCON 14’ (at the top) and ‘THE REAL OFFICIAL PROGRESS REPORT 1’ (at the bottom) in the kind of font one more usually associates with circus posters and Ye Olde Wild West.

The inside front cover (p1) and pages 2 through 7 have material that will be transcribed later (convention summary, The Chairthingy’s Welcome, Convention news and information, How to have a Terrible Time at Swancon, Fan Fund information, a Few Programme notes, and information on The Masquerade).

Page 8 is a full page add for Tactics, to whit:

321 4860
W.A.’s biggest & best
gaming shop

For the widest range of:
* Games
* Accessories
* Minatures

in perth

Shop 35-40 City Centre Markets
Cnr Hay and William Streets, PERTH

Pages 9 and 10 contain potted biographies of John Varley (Guest of Honour), Bob Shaw (Toastmaster), and Paul J Stevens (Fan Guest of Honour) which will be transcribed later, while pages 11 and 12 have bibliographies for Varley and Shaw, which will not. More material to be transcribed later can be found on pages 13 and the inside back cover (The hotel, How to get to Swancon, Hotel booking form).

The back cover has a membership list containing 107 names (including guests), with two identified as ‘S’ (assumed to mean ‘supporting’) and nine listed as ‘P’ (any guesses?). One guest is singled out as being ‘WA’ — best guess is that there were multiple members of fandom with very similar (or the same) name. There is a small drawn silhouette that brings to mind the Spy v. Spy characters from M.A.D. magazine, holding what might be meant to be a lit bomb with the text “Go on, open the PR. It won’t bite ! ( It might explode, but it won’t bite ! )

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