Swancon 14 – Progress report 1 – page 2

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge, preserving idiosyncratic spacing around punctuation where possible.

The Chairthingy’s Welcome

Cindy Evans


This fast-talking, slick-looking PR will answer all The Questions that have been burning in the back of your mind about Swancon Fourteen. ( If by some fluke you think of a question that hasn’t been answered, please write to Terry Chilvers. He is the seer of this convention.)

I, Cindy Evans, am the Tyrant. The one with the cute smile. The one who during or after SWANCON 14 you may wish to abuse. Some of you may know me from SWANCON 11. For those who don’t, I will briefly mumble my convention background. I have been involved in running conventions since 1985 (SWANCON 10 ). In the intervening spae of time, I have held positions of Secretary at SWANCON 11 ( the 25th NatCon), programmer and publicity. I have also been the secretary of the PERTH IN 94 WorldCon bid since 1985.

Titles aside, SWANCON 14 will be the best SWANCON any of you have attended. For those of you who have never ventured to the West Coast, it’s about time you did ! ! As bait to lure you over to Perth we have two international talents in the persons of John Varley and Bob Shaw. Two funloving authors who love to PARTY ! ! Our Fan Guest of Honour is Melbourne expatriate, Paul J. Stevens, now resident in Perth. This PR contains more information on all of our guests.

Our theme for the convention is ‘The Urban Spaceman’ . The interpretation of this theme is up to you; the committee all have their own ideas (and these will be printed in the next PR), but we don’t intend these definitions to be prescriptive. The convention will reflect our theme.

This PR has been released to coincide with the 1988 NatCon, Conviction. If you are lucky enough to be attending Conviction, enjoy it to the full. To those of you who are unable to attend, fear not ! 1989 and SWANCON 14 will be your year and your convention ! This PR is the first of four ‘major’ convention PR’s, and will be widel distributed. Subsequent PR’s will only be made available to members, with smaller flyers being used to keep non-members up to date.

To our members: see you at Easter ’89.
To those who have not yet purchased a membership: IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU DID !

See you next year !

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