SwanICon Progress Report 2

Summary by Doug Burbidge.

I see that I have blogged SwanICon’s PR1:

SwanICon Progress Report I

And now (a mere three years later) it’s time for SwanICon’s PR2 (which I shall summarise in similarly slap-dash fashion).

A5, composed of A4 folded and stapled-stitched. 8 pages, plus a Fold-A-Lope as the centrefold, all on white 80 GSM.

The top right of the front cover shows a gargoyle atop some suitably gothic structure, being struck by lightning. The top left has a small SwanICon logo featuring a different piece of gargoyle art, plus “Progress Report 2 July 1998”. Then in larger letters “SWANICON”, with the “IC” very large to emphasise that it stands for “99”. The bottom of the cover declares “The 24th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction Convention 1st — 5th April 1999”.

The inside cover has similarly colophony information as PR1.

Page 3 features Julian Ackermann welcoming us to the con and to the progress report. The bottom half of the page describes an Anime Screening at Curtin.

Page 4 is “Paul Kidd-a potted history”.

Following the Fold-A-Lope, page 5 is “Daimyo’s Challenge”, a freeform. The bottom of page 5 tells us that we can buy memberships at A Touch of Strange Bookshop, Quality Comics, Tactics, Super Nova Books, Valhalla Games & hobbies, JAFWA, UniSFA, “And from your friendly Icon Committee.”

Page 6 is the Gaming Report, describing what was planned for the convention.

Page 7 is “members”, listing about 90 members, including 3 GoH’s, 2 Special Guest, 4 Invited Guest, 7 Committee, and one Fan Guest.

The top half of the back cover is mailing details: the return address, the “SURFACE MAIL” and “POSTAGE PAID AUSTRALIA” boxes, and space for a mailing label. The bottom half lists committee and “Friends of the Committee”.

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