Festival of The Imagination 1996 – December 1995 Newsletter – Page 9 – Freeform Report

Page 9 of this progress report covers, in the top half of the page, “Fundraiser Quiz”, and in the bottom half of the page:

Freeform Report

As part of the fundraising for the Festival of the Imagination 1996, a series of freeform roleplaying events have been run at Caffe Sport in Northbridge. Begun as a one-off event, the response has been so enthusiastic that the Festival freeforms have become a monthly event. The freeforms are usually run on a Sunday afternoon and have about 20 to 25 players, each of whom contributes a small ($5.00) donation to the Festival. The management of Caffe Sport are kindly allowing the festival to use the private downstairs room free of charge.

We have a list of forty eight names of people who are interested in both the writing and playing of these freeforms, and we’d welcome any other people interested in taking part in these events.

Many thanks to:

  • Robin Clarke (for unpaid and tireless devotion to the whole project)
  • Stefen Brazil, Derek Bazen, Nick Evans and Danielle Robson (for allowing us to exploit their creativity and mess with their minds)
  • Joe from Caffe Sport (for letting troops of oddly dressed people behave strangely in his private room)
  • Everyone who has shown such enthusiasm for the freeforms. All of you have made this project not only a success, but also great fun.

Finally, anyone interested in participating in the festival freeforms or with any related questions can contact Stefen Brazil on (09) xxx-xxxx or Robin Clarke on (09) xxx-xxxx.

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