SwanICon Progress Report I

Post by Doug Burbidge

SwanICon was so-called because it was the ’99 Swancon, and 99 in in Roman numerals is ‘IC’. I’m holding their Progress Report 1, from April 1998. The cover declares it to be The 24th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction Convention, 1st — 5th April 1999. It’s a 16-page A5 booklet made of 4 pages of A4, folded and saddle-stapled.

The inside cover has four boxes in a 2×2 grid, with one headlining the con itself; one listing the guests (Guests of Honour: Jack Dann, Sean Williams, Janny Wurts; Special Guests Don Maitz, Janeen Webb; Fan Guest Dave Luckett); one listing membership rates; and one listing Hotel Information.

Page 3 is the Welcome from Julian Ackermann, CHAIR.

Page 4 is a bio of Jack Dann; page 5 is a bio of Sean Williams. Page 6: Janny Wurts; page 7: Don Maitz. Page 8: half Janeen Webb, and half programme, which continues through page 13. (I say — that’s rather organised for Progress Report 1.)

Page 14 is “Convention Timetable”: which lists the planned dates of various freeforms, a book launch, a quiz, a BBQ, and the con itself. Again, rather organised.

Page 15 is blurbs about the Gaming Programme and Video Programme.

Page 16, the back cover, is in four boxes again. The first announces a Ticonderoga book launch. The second declares “ICon in conjunction with JAFWA have conspired to give you something really special on August 1 so stay tuned…”. The third lists committee, and the fourth lists “Associates of the Committee”.

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