Swancon Twenty3 Book 03 Live Programme

A5 booklet, staple-stitched. 20 internal pages (white) plus beige cover.

Page 1 starts with FRIDAY. It has a grid with the day’s program items, broken up into one column for each room (Regency 1, Regency 2, Harvest), with each program item bearing a symbol to designate its type.

Square: Panel
Triangle: Special Presentation
Circle: Workshop
Five-point star: Launch
Diamond: Gaming
Plus: Reading

(Quite a good idea, I think.)

On the remainder of the page and over the next two pages are the program item blurbs for that day. Then the next day (SATURDAY) starts on a fresh page, again leading with the grid, followed by four and a bit pages of blurbs.

(I also approve of this approach of keeping blurbs near the day grid.)

And so on for subsequent days, yea verily, unto the very end of page 19.

Page 20 detailed the gaming program.

One program item that leaped out at me:
The Robin and Danny Show II
Saturday, 10:30pm. Regency 2.
(Danny Heap, Robin Pen.)

The most talked about event of Swancon 22 returns!
Live from Grant’s mother’s bed, it’s the pane so amazing it took the threat of a gas leak to close it down. Join stylish raconteur Robin Pen and half-man half-ferret Danny Heap as they discuss anything the audience throws at them.

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