Swancon Twenty3 – 04 Video Programme

This booklet is in keeping with the rest of the series, A4 folded to A5 and stapled along the spine, yellow cover with black writing and textured graphic. Inside there are effectively 15 pages of short summaries of films and telivision series’ arranged in alphabetical order which are complemented by 4 pages of scheduling and one introduction by the Convenor.

For example here are some of the short summaries
1) The Airzone Solution
(PG+, mature situations) Directed by Bill Baggs, Starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Nicola Bryant, John Pertwee.

An environmental catastrophy looms. Toxic Air Alerts are ever more frequent, and disturbing changes in climate seem irreversible. The government’s latest solution has been to hire the services of the Airzone Corporation. But why is the situation not improving?

Cuddly TV weatherman Arnold Davies does not concern himself with such weighty issues. However, unbeknown to him, an ancient power is about to turn his cosy life upside down and pitch him into a struggle to preserve the Earth itself. Bewildered and reluctantly teamed with environmental activist Anthony Stanwick and infamous TV reporter Al Dunbar and the mysterious mentor Oliver Trenthewey, Arnie must strive against the odds to expose a terrifying conspiricy.

Gastly experiments, hidden agendas and questionable loyalties all come into play before Arnie can uncover the truth about the Airzone solution.

2)Master of the World
(PG13+, parental guidance recommended) Directed by William Witney. Starring Vincent Price, Charles Bronson, Henry Hull, Mary Websster

The world in the late 19th century: A scientist and his team are held as “guests” of Robur on his airship, that he wants to use to ensure peace on earth. He wants peace with all, even if he has to bombard military targets all over the world! Based on the novel by Jules Verne.

3)Max Headroom: “War”
(PG13+, low level violence) Directed by Thomas J Wright. Starring Matt Frewer, Amanda Pays, George Coe, Chris Young and Jeffrey Tambor.

It is the future: Network 23’s chiefs refuse to pay a fortune for exclusive coverage of a violent terrorist group’s activities. When rival Breakthrough TV appear on the spot with sensational exclusives on the group’s crazy bombing campaign, Network 23’s ace video reporter Edison Carter investigates. Could it be that the news is being stage-managed for money by an unscrupulous middleman? Will Carter escape alive to report his findings to his 200 million audiencce?

and much more………

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