Swancon 22 Progress Report 5 – January 1997

transcribed by Chris Creagh

This progress report was designed to be delivered to your home by a representative of Australia Post. It is an A5 sized 12 page booklet which folds to A6 postcard size for posting.There are two centre pull-out A4 pages. One page is for listing your items for sale on a special Market Day stall which it is hoped will relieve the pressure on the Auction. The back of this page is the social programming progress report about such things as the Masquerade, Room Parties, Market Day, Theatre Sports, and Gaming (Battletech, AD&D, Magic, Illuminati, Killer-Assassins, Realm of the Dark Lords, Freeform X, All The World’s A Stage. The second pull-out is a fold-a-lope for people to purchase memberships, purchase copies of Custer’s last Jump, let people volunteer to help with things and also nominate works for Tin Ducks.

The front cover gives a mudmap showing the location of the Metro Inn, local food outlets, fuel stations and bus stops.

Inside the front cover there is “useful information” like the when and where, guest of honour (Howard Waldrop), special guests (Jack Dann, Janeen Webb, Danny Heap), local guest (Stephen Dedman), fan guest (David Cake) and invited guests (Terry Dowling, Sue Isle, Grant Stone, Lucy Sussex, Sean Williams, Julian Warner).

p1 “The Times They Are A Changing…” by Russell Farr

p2 Things To Bring

p2 Things To Know

p3 WASFF Dinner

p4 Friday program and advertisement for the Metro Inn

p5 – 11 Programming information

p10 Advertisement for Howard Waldrop’s books Going Home Again and Custer’s Last Jump

p11 There is information about the convention long Killer game run by MARS (Murdoch Alternative Reality Society) which includes Brief Rules:
1) Overly realistic, wet or messy weapons cannot be used (no replica Tommyguns, Supersoakers or shaving cream):
2) the game will not be taking place in or at events and panels, or in private rooms (room parties will be fair game, though, provided discretion is used).

p12 Advertisement for Dragon Lance Fifth Age

Inside the back cover can be found the list of members as of 22 Dec 1996. There are 91 full members, 5 committee and 4 supporting members.

Back cover is the mail address space, with a sticker for the address, and a list of committee and associates.

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