Confusion Progress report 1a

Progress Report 1A for Confusion, being the 19th Annual Perth Science Fiction Convention, is an A5, 8 page (2 pieces of A4 bond folded in half) booklet. The front cover has the logo — a kangaroo wearing a black tunic with what is presumably a dalek, holding a yoyo in one hand and and Acme blaster in the other, with a circlet of geeky symbols looking like a cartoon representation that the ‘roo has been hit over the head — and nothing else.

Inside front cover has a membership and hotel bookings form. Adult memberships were $35.00 at this point, children aged 15 years or younger were $15.00, but only with an attending adult, and supporting were $15.00. Hotel bookings were for the con venue, the Perth International Hotel, and were $95.00 for a night. Inside back cover was also a form, being for “Participation”, subtitled “(The Volunteer’s Section)”. One could volunteer for (a) a panel or other program item and/or (b) a job. For (a) one had the option of adding in details for ‘people needed’ as well as ‘equipment needed’. For (b), there were four job categories – Day manager, Registration desk jockey, Videoroom day (or night) manager, and Gopher.

Page 3 contains “What is Con Fusion” and “Who are Con Fusion”, and whoever selected their fonts may well have been operating on too little sleep. The What:

ConFusion is Perth’s first officially acknowledged, SF Media convention. It’s also the 19th Annual SF/Fantasy convention for Perth – but more about that later….

The Who included Sue Ann Barber (Co-ordinator/Network 23 rep), Andrew Purcell (Secretary), Heather Magee (Treasurer), Scott Barkla (Publications/Promotions/The West Lodge Rep), Eugene Roseveare (Fundraising/Humbug Enterprises Rep), Craig Greenbank (Gaming/Security/Gamers Guild Rep), Mark Bivens & Richard Scriven (Hotel Liaison), William Duffy (GoH Liaison), Robin Clarke (Main Programming), Rod Coate (Video Programming), and Brian & Elizabeth Trump (Art Show).

Pages 4 and 5 continue the theme of late night font choices. Page four contains such topics as “Who Else are Con Fusion”, “When is Con Fusion”, “Where is Con Fusion”. Page 5 has “Why Go to Con Fusion”:

why should you go to ConFusion? Good question. Our egos would like to tell us it’s because we’re such really neat people, but we know you’ll be more interested in our Guest GERRY ANDERSON (to be confirmed). He’s the one who created Thunderbirds/Stingray/Captain Scarlet/Space 1999/UFO and many more.

We’ve also got DANNY HEAP as our Fan Guest of Honour because we reckon it’s about time his talent was honoured/acknowledged. We also think he’s a really cool guy

… as well as “How to be part of Con Fusion”, and the “Co-ordinator’s Comment”:

“ConFusion was originally to be run in co-operation with SwanCon 19 – both committees working together for the good of West Australian and Australian fandom. About a month go the decision was made to change the nature of Perth conventions by merging together SwanCon 19 and ConFusion. Essentially, SwanCon 19 dissolved with the remains being picked up by ConFusion. SwanCon will run as normal in 1995. The good news is that ConFusion has acquired a vast wealth of talent and experience in the form of the ex-SwanCon 19 committee.”

Which leaves page 6 (Programming, Short Story Competition and the ‘Final Bit’), and the back cover (sponsors: Network 23, The West Lodge: Perth Doctor Who Fan Club, UniSFA, JAFWA: Japanese animation fans of WA, CIA, S.I.C.C.O, Humbug Enterprises, MARS/SAGA, Gallifrey, and TWONKS: The Red Dwarf Fan Club).

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