SwanCon 22 – Progress report 1 – April 1996

According to our files, SwanCon 22 had 5 progress reports. The first of these is an 8 page booklet, A5 folded-but-not-bound-in-any-way. The outer page of the copy we have is bright blue, but it may be that there were multiple versions (we have two variations for PR3). The cover consists of basic con information, with a proto-logo of a hand written ‘Howard’, reflecting that the international Guest of Honour was Howard Waldrop.


The Festival of the Imagination 1997
With Guests
Howard Waldrop
Stephen Dedman

and Fan Guest
David Cake

24-27 January 1997

On the inside front cover is the “Convention Facts Page”. This repeats the information on the front cover, with few additional details. We are told “Negotiations are presently underway with the Tradewinds Hotel Fremantle”, although based on the details in PR2, these negotiations did not come to fruition. Prices were listed as “At the Festival 1996” ($50) and “After the Festival until 1st October 1996” ($60)

The rest of the PR is filled to the very narrow margins with a great deal of detail in a regrettably small font size. But that is for another day

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