SwanCon 5: Bidding for the 1980 National SF Convention (middle pages)

A booklet of 2 A4 sheets in A5 pages, stapled together. The following covers the unnumbered middle pages.
Transcription: Elaine Walker.

Across both pages there is a line drawing with what appears to be an Explorer in pith hat with some equipment in what looks like some ruins with some sort of mechanical travel machine (à la tripods) lying behind what looks like a fallen column with vegetation growing around it all. It is initialled A.M.

The Convention So Far

Strand And A Half Programming –
This has been proposed to allow everyone to attend the more important items on the program yet also see all the ‘Media Entertainment’ items

Science Fictional And Hard Science Panels –
A multitude of views, ideas, theories and proposals, covering a wide variety of topics, and giving the viewpoints of many speakers as well as debates & lectures well balanced by fannish items

The ‘Dune Show’ –
An entertainment derived from GOON humour and the SFnal inspiration of Frank Herbert’s DUNE

Displays –
Art, Models, Magazines & Photos of Cons

Activities –
The Banquet and Costume Parade & Acts, an awards section, and judging of costumes & acts, Auctions, Competitions, Computer and Role Playing Games, and a chance to meet W.A. Fen in the flesh


Full – $10.00 until August ’79 & Supporting – $5.00
To: “The Perth In ’80 Committee”, GPO Box NXXXX PERTH, W.A., 6001

(free Vegemite Fandom badges to first 50 members)

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