SwanCon Twenty3 Con book 01: Readme.txt pp4-5

Pages 4 and 5 of the Swancon Twenty3 con book part one (Readme.txt) is the “Rules of the Convention”. Some of these will be quite familiar to regular con-goers; others are a little bit on the, shall we say, unique side.

Please read the following rules and guidelines for the convention. They exist to ensure that Swancon Twenty3 remains a safe and fun event for all concerned.

  • If you have any problems, crises or questions, don’t hesitate to ask (a) the nearest security person, (b) the people at the registration desk or (c) any committee member. We’re all here to help you. If you have a problem regarding the hotel, you might wish to see us first – we’re pretty well informed on most matters and might be able to solve your problem.
  • Make sure that you wear your badge at all times. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it allows all fans to pretend to know each other on a first name basis, making the entire weekend more friendly and happy for everyone. Secondly, it is so that security personnel can see that you are a member of Swancon and are actually allowed to be at the convention. It is for this reason that security may ask you to return to your hotel room to get your membership badge if you forget it.
  • If you wear a costume to the masquerade that features any kind of bladed weapon, you must ensure that it is peacebound: that is, that the weapon is bound within its scabbard and unable to be drawn.
  • Other than as part of a masquerade costume, you should never walk around the convention with any sort of weapon at all – peacebound or otherwise.
  • Any audiovisual equipment that you may find scattered around the convention is not for you to play with.
  • Please make all attempts to be courteous and polite to other people staying at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. Not all people are fans, and some are rather wary of the entire subculture. Please do the right thing and make a good example for all fans to follow.
  • Similarly, please be polite and courteous to all hotel staff.
  • For that matter, please be polite and courteous to each other!
  • Never talk with your mouth full.
  • For some reason, the lifts at Swancon have a tradition of breaking down at some point during the weekend. To avoid this, please treat all lifts with care and respect.
  • Anything illegal is still illegal no matter what convention you’re at.

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