SwanCon 17 poster

I see that 17 are one of the cons that choose to bicapitalize SwanCon. An A3 poster, photocopied or laser-printed on white paper, single-sided. At the right hand side is an Escheresque drawing of a robot hand holding a reflective ball with distorted image of room and headless robot. The rest of the page contains the following text:

SwanCon 17 – the Seventeenth Annual Western Australian

& Fantasy

F e s t i v a l

Terry Dowling
Renowned author of Rynosseros and Wormwood

Nick Stathopoulos
Noted artist, designer and animator

Sean McMullen
Author and Bibliographer

Lucy Sussex
Author of My Lady Tongues* and Other Tales

Philippa Maddern
Author and Lecturer

Grant Stone
Media Personality from The Faster Than Light Radio Show

Author readings, Writers’ workshop, Artists’ exhibits, Panels, Discussion, World building, Presentations, Classic and Cult Film and TV, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Thunderbirds, Miniature gaming, Wargaming, Role-playing, Video Festival, Karaoke , 24-hour Programming, Visual Science Fiction,

Ascot Inn Function Centre
Friday January 24 to Monday 27, 1992

Write to Swancon 17, PO Box XXX, North Perth 6006, or enquire at A Touch of Strange Bookshop, Subiaco Village

* Yes, we know that the correct title does not have the s. However, pedantically accurate transcription and all.

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