Aussiecon 4, Voice of the Echidna, Issue 9 – Sunday Afternoon (synopsis)

A wonderful drawing of an upright Echidna in full exclamation adorns the middle of the front page. Then the eye is caught by the “Tonight’s Hospitality Events” box telling of the events running from 2100 to 0100 in the Crown Plaza Hotel i.e. Chicago in 2012, Brotherhood Without Banners and the Hugo Reception.

Other news
The next Australian Natcon is Continuum 8 is in Central Melbourne.
Girls Gone Wild? The gynaecon collective ran panel on how to run a feminist guerilla con-within-a-con. All welcome
There were Prizes! The Saturday night volunteer raffle had 18 winners.

A 15-minute movie imagining disruptions by bit-part actors in Shakespeare plays called “The Queen, My Lord, Is Much, Much Better” was premiering on the Monday
There were free badge ribbons for people who had attended all four Aussiecons.

Food and drink articles finish off the front page and take us down the first column of the back page. They discuss the plentiful supply of interesting dishes in the ‘all-you-can-eat’ deal for AU$35 at Yar (Korean/Japanese) and the five assorted beers on draft at the Belgian Beer Cafe. Apparently The Croft Institute in Croft Lane is a small science themed bar in Chinatown where the dunnies are labelled “Dept of Hygiene” and the cold storage room is “Dept of Alcohology”. II Primo Posto was a nice Italian/Fusion restaurant which was open 7 days. The lobby bar at the Crowne Plaza also got a mention for a pleasant lunch or evening snack. Traditional sushi could be accessed at the Edoya restaurant in Russel St. and the Tokyo Maki has Japanese/Korean fusion food.

Gentle Hint
As I crossed the bridge to the Convention Centre this morning, I spotted a bevy of scantily-dressed young ladies handing out free samples of deodorant. Time to take a shower maybe?

And the rest…
Information about meetings – There was to be a meeting of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee: they look after the IP (service marks and web sites) of the WSFS. Then there was the Sunday Business meeting which was video recorded and made available on There were also recordings placed on

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