swancon seventeen – november report

24 pages, A5, made from A4 folded in half and staple-stitched. Yes, the above text really is all lower case on the front cover of the progress report.

It also says


in small all-caps in their logo, a Vitruvian Man-style silhouette super-imposed on a Penrose triangle. The bottom of the page asks

is this the Other natcon?

… which makes me think of Betteridge’s Law of Headlines. And yes, that sentence really does have the middle letter capitalised.

It doesn’t state which November it’s from, but the page 3 article is headlined “Hello Again”, so I’m guessing the November two months before the convention.

The inside front cover is a colophon sort of thing, and says


Convention Details


Friday, January 24 to Monday, January 27, 1992


The Ascot Inn Function Centre, 1 Epsom Ave. Belmont, WA

Principal Guests

Terry Dowling – Pre-eminent author of Rynosseros & Wormwood
Nick Stathopoulos – Australia’s finest genre artist


Attending Membership   $45.00 (reviewed 01-01-92)
Supporting Membership   $15.00

Please Note:
Supporting Membership cost will never rise beyond $15 and will be convertible to the Attendance Fee at the then-current fee less $15. Persons with Supporting Membership will receive all Progress Reports and the Program Book.

The Hotel

Room Costs $50 per night for single/double (NB: no triples remain)
The convention organisers have been able to obtain a special room rate of $50 and the rest of this paragraph is too boring to transcribe.

Payments and Correspondence

Please send all payments and correspondence for the correspondence for the SwanCon 17 and Festival organisers (including Huckster & Advertising enquiries) to the following address:

The Festival of the Imagination,
PO Box XXX, North Perth, Western Australia, 6006.
Please Make Cheques Payable to SwanCon 17

Table of Contents (on page 3)

2 Conference Details
3 Hello Again From Us
5 Conference Programme Highlights
8 Social Programme
10 Anime Matsuri Programme
12 Writer’s Workshop
13 Short Story Competition
14 Lace & Steel Rules
20 Dreamers in the Net
22 Wrapping Up
23 Membership List
Some of which may be transcribed later.

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