SwanCon 16, PR3: They Game from Outer Space

Page 6 of the SwanCon 16 progress report 3, undated, but probably mailed some time in 1990. This article gives an interesting perspective on the way that the gaming stream Used To Be.

They Game From Outer Space

As the gaming coordinator, I have neatly managed to avoid responsibility for all but a couple of panels; however the programme is quite diverse, with something for all tastes (I hope!). But to make life easier for all involved, the generic application form in this PR will include the gaming items.

If you are interested in playing any of these games please fill it in a return it. If more information is required please call me (after hours) on XXX XXXX.

Further suggestions for the gaming programme are still welcome.

Note: The PBM [Ed: play by mail, popular before the internet] advertised elsewhere in this PR is NOT a programmed item and the Convention Committee disclaims all responsibility.

Can You Command a Starship?

During SwanCon 16, Unigames [Ed: UWA gaming club] will present a Star Fleet Battles Tournament. This will be an elimination tournament with two players per battle.

Ships for each fleet shall be selected from the “Master Ship Chart – Commanders Star Fleet Battles – vol III”. The cost of each fleet shall not exceed 500 BPV. No ships in a fleet shall have entered service later than year 175. Standard modification are allowed, but all modifications must be submitted to the Tournament Judge for approval no later than the 17th of January 1991.

A full set of the tournament rules are available upon request. The judges will provide a number of standard fleets at the convention.

The Tournament Judge is David Bent, whose decisions will be final. Terminal, even.

Cry of the Purple

It is the time of the Triumvirate – Crassus, Caesar, and Pompey. Three generals who seek to wear the Imperial Purple, each opposed by the other two and by the senate (which could do rather well without them).

Add the mad soothsayer, a militant High Priestess, and a reasonable length of time, and stand back!

“Cry of the Purple” is a freeform RPG for 10 (minimum) to 25 players, organised by Stefen Brazil. The game should last 4 to 6 hours on the Sunday afternoon, and may involve a meal break. Costumes are required (togas aren’t that hard, are they?). There will be a wide variety of both female and male characters.

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