A Blast From The Past – Wrapping up Swancon 16 – Page 1

Page 2 of this was published nearly a year ago and was the summary of the incomings and outgoings of the convention finances. So now we are getting around to publishing the first page which was a summary of the awards and the Top Twelve Ways to kill Wesley Crusher. (Though we don’t blame Wil Wheaton for the writing). The Top Twelve ways were not included because we like Wil, and because honestly you probably had to be there. This was from 1991. As usual, any typos are faithfully reproduced. Transcription and commentary by Elaine Walker

A Blast From The Past

Wrapping up Swancon 16


The Tin Ducks

Best Fanzine or Fan-related Publication


Best Fan Writer

Robin Pen

Best Fan Artist

Keira McKenzie

Chairman’s Award
Mark Bivens

Marge Hughes Award
Ann Griffiths

Best Solo

Sue Leighton (“Sally-Ann”)

Best Performance

Annette Wilson & Luigi Cantoni (“Draculas”)

Most Humorous

Elaine Kemp & Stephen Dedman (“Prehistoric Ad”)

Judges’ Choice

Craig Hilton (“Sorceror’s Aprentice”)


Starfleet Battles

1st Brett Koeberl
2nd John Samuel

Rail Baron

1st Steven Gunnel
2nd Annette Wilson
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