Brisbane in ’91!

transcribed by Anna Hepworth – one A4 yellow sheet, single sided, Natcon bid newsletter. All typos faithfully reproduced.

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Brisbane in ’91

P.O. Box xxx Camberwell, 3124, Victoria

Well, just when you thought it was safe, here we are again, even though we did not win the bid to hold the Natcon in Brisbane in 1990 we would like to congratulate Danse Macarbe on their success. We have placed ourselves in the running for 1991 and hope those that supported us for for 1990 continue to do so for 1991. It will be the 30th Australian Science Fiction Convention to be held. Since the Natcon began in 1952, it has never been held further north than Sydney. So let’s break with tradition and hold the 30th Natcon in sunny Queensland and those of you who remember the ‘Q’ Cons will know what fun cons in Brisbane are and you might even run into some old friends you haven’t seen since then.

Why should you support and vote for us? Because in Queensland it’s beautiful one day! Perfect the next! (and if it rains Cathy will kill herself). The people of Brisbane are really friendly and the pace is much slower and if you haven’t been there recently you will not recognise it, with all of its new buildings and complexes. Also if you didn’t go to Expo at least you can see where it was and by 1991 it will be something completely different.

The hotel we have chosen to hold the convention has already held two media conventions and is quite happy to have more Science Fiction Fans as their guests. Even aliens eating in the coffee shop doesn’t deter the staff. The hotel is situated right in the heart of the city, overlooking King George Square, 5 minutes walk from Brisbane Transit Centre. It has 410 accommodation rooms and suites and has 6 bars, including a cocktail bar, two lounge bars and a night club. It has three licensed restaurants which include a good coffee shop and two heated pools and a fully equipped gymnasuim and sauna.

A little bit about the organisers of this bid.

Patricia Anderson: was introduced to fandom in the seventies in Brisbane but did not find out about conventions until the eighties. She attended her first convention in 1982 and since then has tried to attend most conventions on the east coast as well as two worldcons. She has worked on various Concoms either as treasurer, secretary or in an honourary capacity as an advisor (this is all her fault). She is interested in most types of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Cathy Kerrigan: For those of you who don’t know me, I am not certifiably insane – all con organisers act like this. An inveterate congoer, I have served on 6 concoms (including 2 natcons) and have given a helping hand at more than 20 conventions. My interests encompass all aspects of SF and fantasy and fandom (except horror – I’m allowed one dislike). Specific interests include King Arthur; Blakes 7; Australian SF and SF history, criticism and reference.

Glynnis Hollindale: has been active in Brisbane fandom since the late seventies, Glynnis was President of the first Conquest. She had worked on most of the Conquests held since, dispite the SCA claiming much of her time and interests since 1984.

Jan Andrews: is currently an officebearer for Riverhaven (the Brisbane SCA), Jan is a keen Science Fiction fan who willing volunteered her services for Brisbane in ’91.

If you wish to pre-support us in this endeavour it will only cost you $5 and all you have to do is send it to us at our address and of course if you are going to be at SWANCON please vote for us at the Business Meeting. Also come to the bid party on Saturday night.

I have gotten this far and realised that I haven’t given you the proposed dates of this convention. It is Easter 1991 which will be the 29th March – 1st April 1991.

at the bottom of the page is a small tear off slip, for respondents to fill in Name and Address, and then the text “I/We have enclosed $5 as presupporting members of Brisbane in 91.”

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