Constantinople Progress Report Zero

Constantinople was a one-off Melbourne convention. Here’s their first progress report, which is A4, single sided:


Progress Report Zero         February 1991

At left, a cartoon picture of a cat. Important fact: the convention was named after the cat of the same name.

Welcome to the first Progress Report for Constantinople, a convention to be held in Melbourne over Easter 1994.

The reason you’ve heard about us already is because we plan to host the 33rd Australian National SF Convention then, and letting you know at Suncon seemed appropriate. We hope you will all attend Syncon next year and support us.

So far we have a Bid Committee, an array of helpers, and negotiations are underway to secure a Hotel, as well as a Professional and Fan Guest of Honour.

Our Bid Committee consists of James Allen, Jan MacNally, Karen Pender-Gunn, Alan Stewart, Glen Tilley and Apollo Zammit. Carol Patterson will be running the Fanroom; Tom Marwede and Donna Heenan will be involved; Marc Ortlieb and Roger Weddall have volunteered to help Registration; and we’re just getting going!

We’d love to hear from you and can be contacted at PO Box XXX, World Trade Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, 3005 AUSTRALIA.

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______
Yes, please enrol me as a Constantinople pre-supporting member!
Hello, I am : ______
I can be contacted at: ______
______ Postcode ______
I have enclosed the $5.00 fee, which will count as a rebate on my final membership. I am interested in helping out in the following areas:
and some exciting things I would like to see at Constantinople include:

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