Lord Foul’s Game

transcribed by Doug Burbidge

The CIA had a tradition of making deliberately stupid games, based on whatever happened to be around: “Doc” Smith Roleplaying, Revolting Antares, etc., with each game designed to emphasize the bad bits of the source material. From page 24 of the 1992 CIA Annual, Perpendicular Worlds, here’s:

Lord Foul’s Game

(Thomas Covenant Role playing)

At last the long awaited sequel to EE Doc Smith Role Playing is here, the game where all you need is percentile dice, a lot of adjectives, Leprosy and about ten years of spare time.

The rules are simple, just role on the first table and it will tell you what to do next.

Table 1 Character Class

%Roll Result
01-00 You are a leper (Go to table 2)

Table 2 Events in the magical land

%Roll Result
01-50 Make an enemy (Go to table 3)
51-00 Betray a friend (Go to table 3)

Table 3 Events in the magical land II

%Roll Result
01 Something exciting happens   (Go to table 3)
02-59 Get depressed about being a leper (Go to table 3)
60-99 Get depressed about being a leper (Go to table 2)
00 leave the magical land (Earn one point. Go to table 4)

Table 4 The end?

Score Result
0-5 Return to the land   (Go to table 2)
6 Game over – you have WON! (But you may return a couple more times if you really want to.)

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