Continuum Galaxies by Gaslight flyer

A double-sided A5 flyer. A numeral 5 in sun symbols bracketing the convention title indicates this is for Continuum 5. Continuum Galaxies by Gaslight Guests of Honour Chelsea Quinn Yarbro photos of both guests Narelle M. Harris 14th-16th August, 2009 The Ether Centre, Little Bourke Street, Melbourne Please visit our website for membership forms and… Continue reading Continuum Galaxies by Gaslight flyer

Continuum Maskobolo – 2011

By Elaine Walker I managed to attend Continuum 7 in Melbourne this year and while the Con itself was fun, as usual with a lot of panels, not terribly much of it was photogenic. I managed to attend the Maskobolo which was much more photogenic and which they had gone to some efforts to dress… Continue reading Continuum Maskobolo – 2011