Continuum Maskobolo – 2011

By Elaine Walker

I managed to attend Continuum 7 in Melbourne this year and while the Con itself was fun, as usual with a lot of panels, not terribly much of it was photogenic. I managed to attend the Maskobolo which was much more photogenic and which they had gone to some efforts to dress up in the limited space available. The first thing that you encountered when descending the stairs into the convention area was the two entrances which they had organised into the dance space. Your choices were themed. There was the fantasy entrance which was through the wardrobe in a very Narnian way.

Into the wardrobe

Or there was the science fiction entrance, in which you could enter via the TARDIS.

Through the TARDIS

Once you were through the entrance there was of course a dance floor. Since it wasn’t a big convention in terms of numbers, but certainly high on quality, the floor wasn’t that big, but the DJ station was nicely set up behind a TARDIS console (type unknown) that had plenty of flashing lights etc.

TARDIS console (type unknown)

I’m sure that the fuzzy dice were a fundamental part of the console and essential to its functioning.

There were some nice costumes that I completely failed to photograph. Well, one or two of my costume but mine was very minimalist, consisting as it did of various lines drawn on my visible skin. As it turned out there were three other people who had watched the episodes at the beginning of this season’s Dr Who and thought ‘My, Silence spotter would be a really easy costume’.

Counting marks

If others have images of other costumes from the event then feel free to add them to the ASFDAP group on flickr.

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