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SwanCon 1 Poetry

The Effluent File by a Sun Starved of Love. Gently growing like a flower In the garden of it’s bower Realism, kitchen sink Starved for love for it had died In a fire, atomic fried Motorists died while driving fast … Continue reading

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SWANCON 1 – review by Anthony Peacey

This review was originally printed in SwanCon 1 – Cygnetures, from the collection of Steve Gunnell, and has been reproduced faithfully, with as many of the original typographic conventions (and errors) as possible. In the deathly hush of early Saturday … Continue reading

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SWANCON 1 – Comments

Transcribed by Chris Creagh, all typos faithfully preserved May it please the obe the Swancon has become a Duckcon. More Tarzan films recomended for Duckcon 2. WARNING Lightning bolts do not affect Black Puddings. RATINGS* The opinions expressed are not … Continue reading

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SWANCON 1 – Maureen Gell

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, all typos faithfully preserved Write, they did say, handing me a sheet of paper and pencil (well actually I had to get up and get it myself). Write what? I asked, looking down the barrel of … Continue reading

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WASFA box from July 1977 Part 3

by Chris Creagh Contents Reflections, the WASFA “magazine which people keep saying is a fanzine” edited by R.C. Ferguson and sold for the princely sum of $1 (one copy). It contains: short story by David Underwood called “Jack” review by … Continue reading

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