Swancon seventeen – November report – The Mediaeval Faire

OK, that’s not how I spell “medieval“, but it’s how they spelled it, so that’s what I’m going with.

This is the bottom half of page 8 of the November 1991 PR for “swancon seventeen”, as it is styled on the front cover of this particular PR.

Sunday will favour the “Outdoor Stream” heavily at SwanCon 17. The entire afternoon and on into the night will feature a Mediaeval Faire presented by Perth’s Historical Recreation societies The Grey Company and The Society For Creative Anachronism (both SCA Aneala and SCA Ars Draconis branches).

The afternoon will see the beer garden and foreshore areas around the Ascot Inn transformed into a cross-period fairground where Congoers can witness Costuming displays and Costume Making in action, see Weaponry being repaired and made (with luck, we’ll have a real forge in operation), see Armouring in action, Staged demonstrations of fighting technique and probably a Massed Melee or two, participate in discussions about historical accuracy and the realities of Fantasy Roleplaying, and watch Mediaeval Dancing, as night falls.

The Sunday Evening meal, which will incorporate the traditional Awards ceremony, will also follow a Mediaeval theme, with spit-roasted meats, breads, vegetables and salads and appropriate drink to hand. The cost of this meal will be kept as low as possible (we’re aiming for around $7.00 per head), and if you don’t want to join in the paid meal, we’ve organised it so you can still sit with your friends who do, and even bring your own food to the tables. With all the Mediaeval pageantry and atmosphere, historically accurate costumes and weaponry on display, and open fires to light the evening, the Faire is sure to be a memorable experience.

(The Grey Company can be reached through Trevor or Leslie Calder on xxx xxxx)

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