SwanCon XV Progress Report Two Summary

by Chris Creagh
This A5 sized, buff coloured, 20 page booklet with disorganised page numbers, is sprinkled with graphics and packed full of useful information. The front cover sports a futuristic drawing by Craig Hilton (© 1989)  of a circuitry embedded right eye overlaying a backdrop of a night image of office towers with some of the lights on. The image is called “The Dark Future”.

There is also artwork by
– Jim Davis (Vice Is My Life p6 ) a Garfield-esque character in dark glasses
– Ann Griffiths (Odie’s Grin p6) as the name implies…
– Jeremy Reston (Untitled p7 – young distressed fan declaiming “You don’t mean… Scotty really isn’t Scottish?”) and the back page which is a sketch of a face from brow to bottom lip. The image is a bit disquieting.

Page 2 has the Table of Contents while on page 3 Stephen Dedman takes a retro-futuristic view of SwanCon (CXV) under the title of “Crystal Balls and Other Unlikely Prosthetics II” His thesis is basically … whatever we deem to be a bright future those who would have to live in it might be of a very different persuasion.

Page 4 “Incorporation” by Don Griffiths B-) raises the question of becoming incorporated to limit the liability on the committee in the case of being sued or fined if anything goes wrong (like what happened to a convention in America).

Page 5 “Con Closed by Hotel Management”: News from Stephen Dedman puts the case for incorporation after what happened on May 5th 1989 i.e. Miscon 4 which was evicted from its hotel in Missoula, Montana, only 5hrs after opening because of weapons on the premises, an unpaid hotel bill without a signed contract and for selling liquor without a license.

Page 6 is by Ann Griffiths the Vice Coordinator who gives a fantastical description of what the position entails.

Page 14 “WHAT HAPPENED THERE”. Jeremy G. Byrne  thanked people and organisations for their assistance and contribution to the Quiz Night on 28th September 1989. Might be worth writing more on this later.

Page 13 Had information about the SWANCON BANQUET and THE SHORT STORY COMPETITION

Page 9 is set out as a newspaper with columns and 4 articles THE FMs, UNIGAMES, THE CAPPUCCINO BAR and MARS. More on these later.

Pages 10 & 11 have the program for Friday night to Monday.

Page 12 gives a preview of the Video Stream and asks for volunteers to provide art work for the progress reports, panel ideas, video ideas, and in the Hucksters room.

Page 8 is set out like a newspaper with columns a 3 articles, NETWORK 23, UNISFA and THE WEST LODGE

Page 7 talks about W.A. CLUBS IN BRIEF, specifically THE GAMERS GUILD and WESTREK.

Page 15 has a SCIENCE FICTION QUIZ – there are no answers in this booklet!

Page 16 THE NANOCONS: A Personal Recollections by Colleen Jenkins.

Page 17 A BRIEF, ACCESSIBLE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF TERRY DOWLING courtesy of Van Ikin which gives a list of Terry’s more easily found works, the things he has edited and the awards.

The next page (unnumbered) is an ad by “The Ducati Owners Club of W.A.” for a race “EUROPEAN THUNDER” at Wanneroo Park Raceway.

Page 19 has the membership list – 75 members of which 25 are supporting members.

The last page has the previously mentioned sketch of a partial face.

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