SwanCon 17 – Progress Report January 1992 – PARSEC & sponsorship adverts

Page 10 of the SwanCon 17 January 1992 progress report was dedicated to ‘Parsec’. It isn’t exactly clear from the context whether this was part of the convention, or an entirely separate event. Equally, it isn’t clear whether the set of adverts on page 11 are related to the sponsorship mentioned in the Parsec article or to sponsorship of the Convention. 


The generosity of local retailers has surprised us (perhaps we’re just too world-weary and cynical), and we’ve received an enormous amount of sponsorship (in the order of $1300!); far more than any previous gaming event in this state, at least to my knowledge.

You might see the posters around Perth (if you’re a West Australian, that is), but in case you don’t, here’s the prize breakdown.

“Blood Magic”
(Lace & Steel: teams of Five)
Sponsored by Valhalla

First Prize: $40 voucher per player
Second Prize: $20 voucher per player
Third Prize: $10 voucher per player

Plus small spot prizes (see below)

“The Ring of Firestay”
(AD&D Second Edition: teams of Six)
Sponsored by Tactics

First Prize: $40 voucher per player
Second Prize: $20 voucher per player

“Dreamers in the Net”
(Systemless/Cyberpunk II: teams of Five)
Sponsored by Simulations

First Prize: $60 voucher (individual)
Second Prize: $40 voucher (individual)
Third Prize: $20 voucher (individual)

Plus small spot prizes (see below)

“Warhammer 40,000”
Sponsored by Simulations

First Prize: $60 voucher
Second Prize: $40 voucher

Miniatures Painting
Sponsored by Simulations

Best Single Figure: $50 voucher
Best Group/Diorama $50 voucher
Best Overall: $50 voucher

Starfleet Battles
Sponsored by Valhalla

First Prize: $40 voucher
Second Prize: $30 voucher
Third Prize: $20 voucher

Empire Builder
Sponsored by Kevin McCaw

First Prize: $30 voucher
Second Prize: $20 voucher

Spot prices in the form of vouchers to the value of $100 have been donated by A Touch of Strange Bookshop, and assorted spot prizes have been donated by The Comic Shop. These prizes will be awarded at the discretion of Games Masters and the Committee for examples of roleplaying, humorous incidents and the like throughout the course of play of the various tournaments.

Our sincere thanks to all our generous sponsors.

There will be a meeting of all participants in tournaments at PARSEC at 9:30pm on the Friday night of the Convention. Please try to be there to organise times for your rounds to be played. Rounds of most tournaments will be run at times convenient to both the player-groups and the GMs, but remember that we’ve got all day and all night, so there’s sure to be some time when you won’t be otherwise occupied (and who really needs to sleep?) Please feel free to bring your own games for the Beer and Pretzels evenings (casual, social gaming). We will be providing some material, but obviously the range will be limited.

The AD&D II Tournament Module Design Competition
After a disappointingly small entry, the PARSEC Subcommittee have chosen the winner: “The Ring of Firestay” by Dave Luckett, actually a very fine module in two parts which will suite [sic] our purposes perfectly. Thanks to everyone who submitted modules to the competition, and congratulations to Dave, who will receive his prize of $50.00 at the Con Awards Ceremony.

Page 11 is roughly split in quarters, with adverts for A touch of Strange bookshop (top left), Valhalla games and hobbies (top right), Simulations Kite City (bottom left) and Tactics Wargaming and Fantasy Specialists (bottom right). Horizontally across the middle of the page is the banner text:


Location details, contact details, and varying amounts of blurb are included in each advert. The Tactics advert mentions ‘Now Also in South Australia’. Valhalla claims to have “Perth’s largest range of games software” for Amiga, IBM Comm64, Atari ST, Mac and Apple II.

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