SwanCon 17 – January 1992 progress report – Starfleet Battles Tournament

Pages 12-13 of the SwanCon 17 January 1992 progress report was dedicated to details of the Starfleet Battles Tournament scheduled to run during the convention. Some of the sections are overly detailed, and have not been reproduced here, but typographical errors have.

Unigames, the Gaming Association of the University of Western Australia, will present the Western Australian Star Fleet Battles Tournament at SwanCon 17. The tournament will be sponsored by Valhalla ($40 first place, $30 second place, $20 third place) and the winner will be listed on the Simulations Kite City Perpetual Shield displayed at the shop. SwanCon 17 wishes to thank both sponsors.

Tournament Organisation:

The Tournament will consist of several rounds (the exact number depending on the amount of players) of single – elimination games (two players per board per round). If enough interest is shown (at the PARSEC Organisation meeting on the Friday Night of the Con) a demonstration game can be organised to explain the rules of the Star Fleet Battles Tournament to new players.

The Captain’s Edition Rules are to be used in this tournament; Commanders Edition rules will not used. This year’s tournament will will follow the “Star Fleet Battles Tournament Book 1991” published by Task Force Games, with exceptions listed below.

Conditions (from the above mentioned tournament book):

  • The Judges decisions shall be final.
  • The time limit for each game will be three hours. Players are expected to fight until one side is destroyed or concedes. Judges will have the right to decide all games that are not completed within the time limit, based upon the tactical situation at that time. In the case where neither ship is damaged (excluding shield damage), the Judges may declare both players losers and select a wild-card player who narrowly lost another game to move into the next bracket.
  • Players will have a maximum of five minutes (or one minute longer than their opponent, whichever is greater) to complete their Energy Allocation Forms each turn. Opponents are responsible for timing each other. If you don’t complete your form, any unallocated energy is lost. Players are to check their opponents’ Energy Allocation Forms at the end of the game. If mistakes have been made, they are to call on a Judge to resolve the situation. If you suspect that your opponent has made a mistake in Energy Allocation during the game, have a Judge check his or her Energy Allocation Form
  • Ships are listed below. Each player will select one ship and use it throughout the tournament
  • Spectators are welcome, but can be expected to be drafted as impulse controllers (no player will be required to accept a controller). Anyone disturbing the players or Judges may be asked to leave the area.
  • The starting times for each game will be decided by the Judges. Players who cannot make this time are expected to contact their opposition and the Judges so that alternative arrangements can be made. Any player who is late for a game will be subject to penalties (destroyed hull boxes) or forfeiture, at the sole discretion of the Judges.
  • Ships will be repaired, shuttles replaced, and ammo reloaded between rounds

Scenario Setup:

No terrain. Ships set up in 1701-D and 2530-A, speed max (forward), WS-III (as modified herein). No overload energy from the pre-game turn (Exception: Feds, 8 points divided among the four photon tubes, max 4 points per tube, at his choice). No drones or fighters are placed on the map before play begins. Ships cannot begin the scenario in reverse.

The map is fixed; any ship trying to move off the edge will take five damage points to the facing shield and come to a complete halt.

The organisers will supply maps, playing pieces and SSD sheets (and energy forms, movement charts, etc). Players must supply all other material (e.g. themselves, paper, pens, favourite dice …)

The next two sections “The following rules will be used” and “The following rules will not be used” are overly detailed, and have not been included.

Ships To Be Used In The Tournament:

See the tournament rulebook for SSD’s and specific rules for each race to be used in the tournament.

Note: Andromedans and Tholians will not be used in this tournament (this is a change from the official tournament rulebook) unless another Judge can be found to rule on these races. The final decision on whether or not these races will be played is to be announced at the PARSEC Organisation meeting on the Friday night of the Convention.

Judges Board:

As of this writing the only Judge for this tournament is David Bent. Any others wishing to help in this tournament are asked to contact either the Gaming Subcommittee or David Bent on, or before, the first night of the convention.

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