Swancon XV Con book — Videocon III

Page 18 of the SwanCon XV souvenir book has the running head “What? And Miss the Panels?”…

Videocon III

by Robin Pen

Information about those bit square things with moving pictures on them sitting in the corner of dark rooms. (Warning! do not walk into those idle lumps arrayed before them.)

This is the first SwanCon to have a video programmer on the committee, so this little black duck will try to make the most of his inaugural status.

It did not take too much thought to see that a strictly set down program would not be the best for a film or TV peruser. That means that this poor, sympathy hunting programmer will be running around like a headless alien (Ewok if you’re nasty), putting up information, updates and comments to keep even the half sleepy eye informed of what happens in that dark room.

The day by day line-ups will be wide ranging and aim to cover the genre to everyone’s tastes and distastes. Objectives are to show the rare, the special and always the significant. (Well, that is up to the individual viewpoint. There may be an argument whether Thunderbirds in Space or Evil Dead 2 is more significant. Please remember the weapons policy.)

Most screening will be announced well in advance but always be on the lookout for special showings and pending surprises. Marathon goers and insomniacs should have fun and the Video Room’s a more civilised location when taking a break from room parties (depending on the film, it won’t always be a break). There will be times to be silent and concentrate on the spectacle before you and times to shout, cheer and jibe. Use your judgement in the above choices, but the session manager may give you a hint.

To enjoy videos, you don’t have to stick to the program. If you have something to show friends (that is on VHS video tape) you can catch a time in the Hotel Video Lounge during the day. A Blake’s Seven Fan has already booked over three hours for this “Actors in Space” series on Monday. Please check with me before you throw “The Talons of Weng-Chiang” into the player. Take note: your favourite tape may be a long lost love of this programmer and he may be able to pry it into the main line-up. “Harvey” or episodes of “1990” are most likely to be treated in this manner.

On occasion, images will overflow from the Secondary to the Main Programming Room, particularly during the Gothik party where scenes from the dark future and the dark mind will enhance the atmosphere and perhaps your entertainment. But when things are normal and you sit yourself down comfortably in the dark with others of varying ilk, you are likely to see most of the following:

A Boy and His Dog
The Pit and the Pendulum
Thunderbirds in Outer Space
Warriors of the Wind
Dark Star
Red Dwarf
Frankenstein (1932)
The Thing (1951)
Evil Dead 2
Monty Python
The Real Ghostbusters
The Wizard of Speed and Time
Flash Gordon (1938)
Star Trek
and Star Trek: The Next Generation

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