Swancon XV program book – The Third Stream

Page 26 of the SwanCon XV program book has the running head “Just when you thought it was safe to go back to bed”…

(All typography faithfully reproduced, except SHOUTY CAPS)

The Third Stream

Besides the Primary, panel-oriented steam and the Secondary, video-oriented stream, XV will feature a Third Stream, composed of those things, mainly gaming-oriented, which weren’t appropriate anywhere else. Besides those items listed in “The Program in Gory Detail”, which include the Writing Workshop and the Cyberpunk Workshop, the Third Stream contains a number of un-programmed events. Some of those you can be almost assured of seeing are listed below.

Big Blue is Watching You:
A live-action Role Playing game which will valiantly attempt to work with, rather than around the weapons policy. Based in a dark 1997, “Big Blue” will involve the struggle between the Nu-Prometheus League of free-thinking software engineers and the tyrannical edifice of IBM, now the world’s largest corporate entity. Involving computers, intrigue, a little bit of hack’n’slash and a large portion of detective work, “Bit Blue” aims to keep you on your toes all through the night.

AD&D Tournament
“Problems with Blue Tattoos” is a five-player tournament devised by Mike Poidinger especially for the Con. It will use the AD&D Second Edition rules, involve generation of characters with a fixed number of experience points and reward roleplaying over powergaming. Registration is at the Desk and may be limited by the number of DMs Mike can find. The actual gaming will take place at a time and place arranged between the DM and the players to everyone’s convenience, so don’t worry too much about missing panels.

Rail Baron
A tradition of the Con, Rail Baron will doubtless occur in the Gaming Room or a private room with a view to presenting the every-growing trophy at the Awards Ceremony. To find out the details, consult the Convention Notice Boards near the Registration Desk. Registration for the tournament will be at the discretion of the organisers.

With a GoH like Terry Dowling, Filk Singing is likely to feature strongly at SwanCon XV. It will likely occur in the Fan Lounge during the odd hours when the Panelling tapers off and the videos hold no great interest. Listen for the strumming of guitars and the sounds of song and follow your instincts.

Impromptu Panels:
As mentioned on the Program pages, panels which we simply couldn’t fit into the tight program may well happen despite the constraints of a 24 hour day. The Fan Lounge, our catch-all venue, will doubtless serve in this case as well.

During the hours of daylight (hereby defined as 10:00AM to 9:00PM), the Hotel Video Lounge will be made available to convention goers to show videos that they may have brought with them or which they have missed in the official VideoCon. Please make all arrangements with the Video Programmer.

Room Parties
Only the insane or the terminally fascist programmer would attempt to tie Room Parties down to fixed time. Expect a complete Room Party Program in the convention grab-bag. Then again….

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