Swancon XV PR2 page 14 – What Happened There

I think this is the last bit of this PR that we haven’t blogged yet. Here we go:

What Happened There

by Jeremy G. Byrne

On Thursday the twenty eighth of September quite a lot of nice people got together at a pleasant little pub in Shenton Park to play a peculiarly Western Australian game known as The Quiz Night. Everything went rather well and most of them had a good time. Although there weren’t as many there as the organizers might have wished for, they’d like to express their appreciation to one and all, including the people who helped actually do it. Oh. And a tidy sum was raised to help a rather strange cause known as Swan-something or other. Wasn’t that good?

Giving Credit…

Swancon XV would like to thank the following people and organizations for their assistance and contribution to the fund-raising Quiz Night that was held at the Shenton Park Hotel on 28th September 1989:

Here follows a list of 34 sponsors, from A Touch of Strange and Alicia Smith to West Coast Toyota and William Collins.

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