SwanCon XV Progress Report Two (The Program)

Other pages have been/will be done elswhere. Sooo…

Pages 10 and 11 contain “The Program” for the four day convention, Friday to Monday. Each day gets a table of events with one room for panels and such, one room for videos and a third for a fan lounge. Friday consisted mostly of the Fan Dance, Videos and Cocktails. Saturday had RPG Tourney Sessions, Videos, Fitness, Panels, Masquerade and Gothik Dance, Sunday had similar things to Saturday with added Awards (Miss Maud’s), Auction, Business Meeting and a Play Reading. Monday had workshops, Fan Olympics, Fannish Impros and Torturing (the committee) as well as the usual stuff. Each day there was plenty of time for eating.

Then, spread across the bottom of these two pages there is the…

EDITORIAL by Jeremy G Byrne.
This may be a strange place to squeeze in an editorial, but it’s the only one I could find! This Progress Report turned out to be rather fuller than we’d expected. Not that that’s a bad thing – it certainly isn’t – but it means that we actually had to hold back on a couple of snippets of artwork and a few bits of text. Oh well, PR#3 is due out by Christmas, so they won’t go to waste.

Enough chit-chat. What I really wanted to use this space for was to push the idea of reader/member contribution. As Programmer/Editor, I would like to see you-out-there send us-in-here (I’m not quite sure about that one) anything and everything. USE the “Ask what your SwanCon…” sheet on the back of the booking form. Tell us what panels you’d like to see (ther’s plenty of space left in the program, despite apperances). Write something for the Short Story Competition. Suggest a few videos (ther’s a lot of room for those!) Basically, Get Involved. That’s the key to enjoying a Con to it’s full potential, and this one’s going to be enjoyable if it kills me.

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