Being the 16th page of the SwanCon XV Progress Report 3. Running head reads “Personally, I’m Waiting for the Bribes”. Transcription by Anna Hepworth


More Details about WA’s Own Ditmars

The Tin Ducks have gone unmentioned since PR1. We still intend to award them this year (they’ve not been awarded for quite some time), so it’s up to you to nominate and vote for your favourites in the three major categories. The fourth category, and not really a Tin Duck as such, will be Chairobject’s (read Coordinator’s for this Con) Choice.

The categories are as follow:

To be eligible in this category, a fanzine must have been published at least once (we’re being lax here, and may change our minds) in the twelve months prior to the Con and be based in Western Australia. Some examples of eligible fanzines are:

Credo, the Fanzine of Visual SF, published approximately three times a year by Paul Bennett, Robin Pen and Jeremy Reston ($1 or directly from Paul by exchange).

Inconsequential Parallax, published irregularly (approximately quarterly) by Norrelle Harris and Tim Richards ($1 or directly by exchange).

Science Fiction, published three times a year by Van Ikin ($5 cover price).

To be eligible in this category, an artist’s work must have appeared in a fanzine or fan-related publication published in Western Australia in the twelve months prior to the Con. A few of the eligible artists are:

Craig Hilton (published in IP, SwanCon Poster/PRs)
Jeremy Reston (published in Credo, IP, SwanCon PRs)
Yvonne Hintz (published in IP)
Alicia Smith (published in SwanCon PRs)
Toby Gibson (published in Credo)

To be eligible in this category, a writer must have seen print in fanzine or fan-related publication based in Western Australia during the twelve months prior to the Con. The list for this category could extend to pages and need not be limited to writers of fiction – talented reviewers and commentators are eligible.

Only members of the convention are eligible to nominate and vote for the Tin Ducks. All nominations must be received by the 19th January and voting will take place at the Con.

Incidentally, if anyone knows the current whereabouts of the original artwork for the Tin Ducks, please contact the Committee: both we and Rob McGough would very much like to locate it.

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