Swancon 14, Programme book — a summary

Descriptions and transcriptions by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

The Programme Book for Swancon 14 was 48 pages (plus yellowish card cover) A4, saddled-stapled. The cover has a drawing of what appears to be a one person flying car/spaceship in front of what is, quite possibly, the Bankwest tower in the Perth CBD.

Inside front cover is an advert for From Sea to Shining Star, a collection of short stories by A. Bertram Chandler edited by Keith Curtis and Susan Chandler, illustrated by Nick Stathopolous. This is followed (p2) with the Chairthingy Welcome, which will be transcribed later.

Pages 2 & 3 are the acknowledgements and index. Companies and people who supported the convention were ANSETT — Elizabeth Hunt; GOLLANCZ — Malcolm Edwards; WESTERN AUSTRALIAN DEPARTMENT FOR THE ARTS; TACTICS — Mike Page; WESTERN AUSTRALIAN CONVENTION BUREAU — John Kruiskamp; KINGS AMBASSADOR HOTEL — Shirley Lin, Nathan Giles. Artwork is credited to Jeremy Reston (front cover), Ian Gunn (Urban Spacemen, Spaceships, etc) and Annette Wilson (Dead Dogs).

‘The Cream Pie List ‘ (or, The Committee members exposed) (pp 4 – 7) and Discon III advertising (pp 8-9) will be transcribed later. Three pages (pp10-12) about John Varley written by Spider Robinson most likely won’t be; ditto the following 3 pages of bibliography and awards info on Varley, which is probably more readily available elsewhere. A short piece on Bob Shaw written by Greg Turkish (p16) should be transcribed later; while a page of bibliography (p17) won’t. Information on Fan Guest of Honour, Paul J Stevens, is on p19, and will quite possibly be transcribed later.

Page 18 contains a full page advert for what appears to be four books from four different publishers — a David Eddings, a Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman; a Jonathan Wylie; and one (“Dungeon, Vol 2”) where the author’s name is not in large enough type on the cover to be visible in the low res picture of the book. More full page adverts are seen on pp 20 (Century Hutchinson, Victor Gollancz), 21 (Peregrine Imports), 27 (Allen & Unwin), 42 (The Australian Science Fiction Foundation), 47 (The Faster Than Light Radio Show), and the inside back cover (Slow Glass Books). On the back cover, VICTOR GOLLANCZ welcomes BOB SHAW to Australia in very large type, and announces his new book ‘Dark Night In Toyland’, due for release in May. (none of these will be transcribed later, although we might just remember to scan them and put them up in Flickr).

Other things that won’t be transcribed include the programme (pp 22 through 26), the nominations for the 1989 Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards Ditmars (pp32-33), the Eating Out list from p 40, the churches and other places of worship list from p 41, and the membership list (now spread out over nearly 3 pages, being pp 43-45). (Also, pages 46, which is blank, and 48, which has a map of the convention venue, don’t provide anything of interest to transcribe)

There are a few other pages that will probably be transcribed later — assorted information on happenings at the convention (Masquerade, Auction, etc; pp 28 through 30), the Weapons Policy (p31), ‘A Pint of GUFF’ (p34), information about the GUFF award (p35), introductions to John D Berry (p36) and Brian Howell (p37) being the DUFF and FFANZ guests, Gina’s Glitter Guide (or, Things to see, people to do; pp38-39. P39 has a half page ad of the front half of an Ansett branded aeroplane with the words ‘No airline aims higher’ written below it).

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