Swancon 14 – Progress Report 4 – Summary

Descriptions and transcriptions by Elaine Walker this time. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

As with the second and third progress reports for SwanCon 14, the fourth progress report is a 12 A4 page saddle stapled booklet. In addition, there are a number of inserts:

  • White/cream A4 single sided Hotel Booking Form. ($79/night single, double and twin and $89/night Triple room) since apparently we were doing the hotel booking stuff back then.
  • White/cream A4 single sided General Booking Form – for becoming a member, booking a banquet ticket, reserving a huckster’s table, entering the art show, submitting a programme item or academic paper.
  • White/cream A4 double sided 1989 Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards Ditmars Voting Form. May record this information elsewhere

The actual booklet itself has artwork on the front cover (which I am calling page 1, no actual pages are numbered) of what looks like a man with a ray gun and a pith helmet coming across a futuristic looking set of buildings with the caption:
Distinguished Urbanologist Discovers New City on Tau Ceti 5
This, along with most of the artwork was apparently done by Annette Wilson, there is also a picture of a -Dead Dog Party- Monday Night (dogs lying on floor or acting as coffee table, guests appear to be cats). And on page 11 a Gulliver commits urbicide! with a giant pointing a big cannon at a town of tiny people. There is also a serpentine looking creature on page 3 and a unicorn on page 8, both drawn by Kiera McKenzie.

Inside the front cover has the current membership rates ($70 for attending; $20 for supporting; $5 for voting and if you turn up at the door $80 for full and $20 and $10 for day and night memberships respectively); advertising rates for the programme books, rates for the Huckster tables, and who is on the committee, which I’m pretty sure has been covered already.

Page 3 had a report on a quiz night, advance notification about the Theatre Sports to run on the Friday of the Con, information about the Auction(s) and an announcement about a Lucasfilms Display (stills from various Lucasfilms productions to be displayed during the con).

Pages 4-5 contained information on The Fan Dance; The Banquet; The Masquerade and the Masked Ball (which are all apparently different things this convention) as well as information about costume weapons. Some of these may be described in later posts.

Pages 6-7 had the Programme so far, from which I gather there were streams in a Main Hall and Second Hall, the Video Room, and some reference to the Games Room.

Page 9 was devoted to Hotel Booking information, Parking information, and the information that there was a swimming pool available, but that access may be revoked if the congoers made nuisances of themselves. Also an advert for a fanzine called ‘Get Stuffed #3’

Page 10 had to do with the art show. Page 11 with the ‘how to get there’ for interstate attendees using an airline that no longer exists.

Pages 12 and 8 contained the membership list which is now up to 185 people. (The first 170 are listed on page 12, and the final 15 are listed at the top of page 8.)

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