Swancon 14 – Progress report 1 – page 10

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge.

Pages 9 and 10 are guest bios, each about two thirds of a page. The third of the three is:

Paul J. Stevens

Paul Stevens has been involved in the SF community since 1962. In that time, he has contributed a great deal to this community. Swancon 14 has chosen to recognise this contribution, and to show our appreciation for his acheivements by inviting him to attend our convention as the Fan Guest Of Honour. Originally from Melbourne, Paul now lives here in Perth. An SF reader from an early age, his first involvement in fandom came when he joined the Melbourne Science Fiction club. Through this club he became involved in the organisation of a number of SF convention, serving in various positions including chairman.

Paul may perhaps be better known as the film character Antifan which he helped create in the early seventies. The first Antifan film was made as part of the successful 1975 bid by Melbourne fans to hold the World Science Fiction Convention in their city. The Super 8 film, in the style of old silent movies, featured the evil Antifan performing various villaneous acts in an attempt to foil the bid’s success. Other Antifan films were made to support subsequent WorldCon bids, for Sydney in 1983 and the successful bid for Melbourne in 1985.

For fifteen years, Paul worked for Melbourne science fiction bookshop Space Age Books . He is also the creator of The Golden Caterpillar Award, a personal award presented at Australian National Science Fiction Conventions. These are usually presented for humorous reasons, but have also been awarded in recognition of special effort.

Since moving to Perth, Paul has been involved in various aspects of the book trade and has continued his liaison with the SF community. We feel that Paul deserves recognition for his acheivements and thus we are proud to have him as our Fan Guest of Honour for 1989.

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