Swancon 14 – Progress report 2 – Convention news and information (part 1 of 3)

being a sequence of small news articles, covering page 2 of the second official progress report for Swancon 14. As ever, typos faithlessly reproduced

Millenium : The Movie

We reported in our last PR that John Varley had been working on a film in Toronto, Canada. Principal shooting on the film in question, Millenium (from Varley’s novel of the same name) is now complete. The script was written by Varley, and was directed by Michael Anderson. Cast includes Kris Kristofferson, Cheryl Ladd and Daniel J. Travanti (“I’ve heard that name before” department: Capt. Furillo from Hill Street Blues).
John has promised to bring a home movie The Making of Millenium to Swancon.

New Books for Bob Shaw.

Bb Shaw’s sequel to The Ragged Astronauts, The Wooden Spaceships has been released in hardcover. Publishers are Gollancz (UK) and Baen (US). Bob’s current project is a sequel to Orbitsville and Orbitsville Departure, entitled Orbitsville Judgement. Work on this novel should be completed early next year.

Swancon at the Royal Show.

Swancon and Tactics (a local gaming store) recently held a stall at the Perth Royal Agricultural Society Show, publicising both the store and the convention. Tactics bore the costs involved and put together a fine display of SF, fantasy and historical miniatures. Swancon committee members (and draftees) manned the stall, selling games and badges and distributing publicity leaflets.
From a publicity point of view, the stall was a great success in bringing both Swancon 14 and Tactics to the attention of the general public. As an added bonus, we were also able to raise a small amount of money through the sale of badges (see page 4).
We would like to extend our thanks to tactics for their continued support and for allowing us this avenue of publicity.

Introducing: The Hotel Ghost !

Parts of The Kings Ambassador are, reportedly, haunted by the ghost of a former Assistant Manager who was murdered at the hotel some years ago . This news is being taken quite seriously by the committee, and we are currently working the ghost into our programme.

Mumfan: In Memorium

One of Swancon’s most faithful and well-liked participants will not be with us in 1989. Marge Hughes, better known to all of us as “Mumfan”, passed away of cancer on the 25th of September. Marge has been a part of Swancon longer than most of us – somehow it will never be the same.

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