swancon 22 – PR4 – cover to page 2

The SwanCon 22 Progress Report 4 is a 16 pages + foldalope, A5, folded 80 GSM bond white paper booklet. The cover has a repeated motif diagonally across the front cover – we suspect that it was the logo, but the rest of the SwanCon 22 materials are inconveniently in the file out of reach. This motif is on a hatched grey background that covers the middle, say 3 fifths of the page; at the bottom of this section it has the text “If you can read this then you’re a bit close” (given the large size of the font, I’m guessing this was played for laughs).

Other than that, the front cover contains basic con info – name of con, location and dates. Likewise, the inside front cover contains pretty much the same information that has been seen before – guests, how to contact the committee, room rates (which differed between ‘Normal’ and ‘Skyshow night’ if you were in either a Riverview or Skyline room), membership rates. Also, a couple of very short notices:

  • There is a $5 discount on full membership with a purchase from A Touch of Strange bookshop in Subiaco, or from Valhalla in Wellington Street Perth
  • LATE NEWS!!!! The next SwanCon freeform will be held on December 1, details yet to be finalised – please call Avril on XXX XXXX if you are interested


Being page 2 of the booklet, but only because the cover appears to be page 0. This section covers nearly 3/4ths of the page, but there is a left hand column with what can best be described as a couple of doodles in the left hand margin


This is the penultimate progress report, the second last thing we’re going to say about the convention – until it happens, of course. And it’s only two months away, which isn’t long at all.

In this report you can read about many neat pre-convention events we’ve got planned; what’s happening at the con; and more on who you can meet there. All this action packed reading in your letterbox for free.

Speaking of free, if you buy a full membership before the first of January 1997, you will go into a draw to win a copy of the convention fundraising chapbook, Custer’s Last Jump, signed by all the contributors and valued at $17.50, and one of only 27. So avoid the last minute post Christmas panic and join now.

We realise that some people were mailed 2 or more copies of the last PR. This is one of the side effects of our present mailing list databases. But if you did receive extras, try giving them to friends and help spread the word on what will be a fun event.

Rustle B Farr (Ed: That is not a typo. At least, not on our part.)

At the bottom of the page, there is a short paragraph, entitled “Exciting News!”

The souvenir book is looking like quite an item, featuring a chapter from a one of Howard Waldrop’s forthcoming novels, either The Moon World or I, John Mandeville (details to be finalised); RA Lafferty’s 1970 story “Interurban Queen” will be reprinted; Sean Williams has promised if not an original then a rarity; Lucy Sussex has promised some original stuff featuring African voodoo; plus much, much more…

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