SwanCon 22 – PR1 – the last page

The last page (p8) of the SwanCon 22 Progress Report 1 is laid out in two columns. On the left is ‘Programme’, credited to David Yeates (Co-convenor), a copyright notice reading “Copyright for all contributions remains with the contributors © Panic Productions 1996 for SwanCon 22”, a short blurb about the Swancon Mailing list [yes, they did mix ‘SwanCon’ and ‘Swancon’ on the one page] and a set of credits.


Like most parts of Swancon, the programme will try to cater to as many differing tastes as possible. As such, the programme is often one of the hardest things to create. So we, the programme committee, will try to have an open minded approach, inviting your input into the creative process. We will be having open meetings at a central cafe, possibly The Moon in Northbridge, once a month. These meetings have been successful in the past and we would like to see as many interested people attend as possible. The actual times, dates, and location of these meetings will be announced in future reports. Remember these meetings are social gatherings, and thus you get to meet other con goers and have some input in how the con will run.

Our Guest of Honour, Howard Waldrop, will of course affect our programme, with events specifically related to Howard, his writing and interests. We know many people have not heard of our guest, but this is not a bad thing. Besides being a great writer, Howard is a lot of fun at conventions and we would like to make the con as much fun as possible. A big part of enjoying a con is the social programming. There will be many social events ranging from the formal events, like the Masquerade, to the informal and spontaneous events, like room parties. Any successful event at a con is often so because the people who attend the event make it a success.

Other parts of the convention that we will bring you are gaming and the 24 hour video stream. These we will try to coordinate with the main programme, to bring you a con that will keep all entertained from the opening of registration to the closing ceremony.

The Swancon mailing list is a way for people who are interested in any SF conventions in Perth to receive updates about coming events. If you are interested in Swancon, the Festival of the Imagination, or whatever’s happening in the Perth SF convention scene, then you should subscribe to this list.

To get on the Swancon mailing list, send mail to:

listserv@gu.uwa.edu.au [editor’s note: no longer functional]

with an empty subject line and a message body of:

subscribe swancon your real name

eg: subscribe swancon Getafix T. Druid

Please do not include your signature


For some reason, the first third of this was centred. This has not been faithfully reproduced
This was put together at a frantic pace by the following:
Anna Hepworth, Simon Oxwell (much thanks to both) & Russell B Farr with contributions from the following: Ellen Datlow, Howard Waldrop, Stephen Dedman, David Yeates, Karen McKenna & Shay Telfer.

The committee are:
Russell B Farr (Co-convenor, Secretary, Guest Liaison)
David Yeates (Co-convenor, Programming)
Rohan Wallace (Treasurer)
Peter Kelley (Committee) batman@nolongerworkingemailaddress
Avril Garner (Committee)

The associates of the committee are: Anna Hepworth, Simon Oxwell, H Shay Telfer, Daniel Oi, Dave Cake, Jonathan Strahan, Elaine Kemp, Robin Pen (his bloody idea to start!!!!!), Martin J Livings, Jenny Kelly.

Thanks also to:
The colour green, the letter “h”, REM, 10 000 Maniacs, L7, all who threw good parties where members of the committee had fun, the Moon Cafe.

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