SWANCON TWENTY3 Progress Report Four – cover & page 2

by Chris Creagh
This is an A3 sheet folded into quarters so it looks like an A5 booklet. The front page looks like an “art-ified” street scene.
Opening the booklet and the inside page has a “menu” flanked by sketches of partially opened sardine tins (key variety) with a weedy plant growing from the top of them.

—and out of that rock was born,
nature irrepressible!
Anzac Day Long Weekend, 1998
Friday 24th to Monday 27th April.

The Hotel Grand Chancellor
(Formerly known as The Orchard Hotel)
707 Wellington Street Perth
Ph: 9xxx xxxx

International Guest

Lois McMaster Bujold

Local Guest
Tess Williams

Dead Guest
Jules Verne

Grant Stone

Fan Guest
Gina Goddard

Invited Guests
Stephen Dedman, Craig Hilton,
Dave Luckett, Sean Williams

Lots and lots and lots and lots and…

Below this is a small section with information about booking hotel rooms.

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