1980 Ditmar Awards nomination form

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge.

A single yellow A4 page, double-sided, typewriter’ed.


Nominations for the 1980 Ditmar Awards close on March 31 1980 and nominations may be received from any member of SWANCON 5 or any member of UNICON IV or anyone else connected with Australian Fandom or known to Australian Fans and are invited in five categories:

Best International Science Fiction or Fantasy: A work of SF or F published (in English) in 1979.

Best Australian Science Fiction or Fantasy: A work of SF or F written by an Australian and published in 1979.

Best Australian Fanzine: An amateur magazine published by an Australian whose pages include discussion on Science Fiction, SF Fandom, or related topics, and which has had at least one issue in 1979.

Best Australian Fanwriter: A person whose writings have appeared in a Fanzine or Amateur Press Association wholly or partly connected with SF or related topics during 1979.

Best Australian Science Fiction or Fantasy Art: A work of Art of SF or F by an Australian published in 1979.

Nominations are also invited for the William Atheling Award for Criticism in Science Fiction or Fantasy, which will be given for excellent non-fiction writing about SF, Fandom, or any related subject.

There’s a couple of less interesting paragraphs which I shall skip.

Duplication of nomination (and voting) forms is encouraged, but official forms are not essential; all signed nominations and votes will be accepted. Where possible, please include the source of articles, short stories, etc.

The reverse side has spaces to nominate in the above six categories, and space for name and address (though they seem to have neglected a space for a signature). It also says:

If you do not think you will be known by the Swancon 5 committee, please name some Australian fans who will vouch for you.

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