SwanCon 5: Bidding for the 1980 National SF Convention (pp 3-4)

A booklet of 2 A4 sheets stapled together to produce 8 A5 pages, though only 6 of them have page numbers. The following covers a section that starts on page 3, skips the middle pages and goes onto page 4 which is on the other side of those pages.
Transcription: Elaine Walker.

And Just What Has Been Going On?

The “Perth In ’80 Bid Committee” generated a lot of ideas about the Convention (SWANCON 5), both in its organisation and running, and for possible activities for the program. A tentative date has been selected for the Con; the 22nd to the 25th of August, 1980. It should run from Friday afternoon to Monday mid-day at least. Armed with a basic budget based on projected attendence[sic] figures we are hunting a reasonably high-class venue. We hope to have some idea of that venue by August this year to aid us at SYNCON ’79, the present National Con. We have run a successful “Quiz Night” – thanks to the talent and efforts of Ian Nicholls – which has provided the Committee with a fund base for further projects and Bid costs.

The sub-committee has produced six separate advertising pieces for the Bid: 2 posters – to UNICON V; & Quazarcon, 2 full page ads for SYNCON ’79 – for P.R.4; & the Program Book, A quarter page ad in ‘Australian S.F. News’, and A Flyer for Fanzine distribution & answering enquirers. We will also be producing one more poster and a special flyer for SYNCON for display and distribution at the close of the Bid (and presumably our successful attainment of the NatCon).

There will be as many as seven Wayfen attending SYNCON ’79 and four of them will be Bid Committee members.

Individual contributions to this Bid have not been listed here since they are not strictly products of the Committee yet they do exist and constitute time, energy, and expense donated to the Bid. We thank those people for their support and urge more of you to join in when the organisation of SWANCON 5 gets underway[sic].

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