SwanCon 16, Progress report 1 – “From the Chair”

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From The Chair

Well it’s that time of year again, Progress Report 1 for SwanCon 16. A mad group has got together and is organizing yet another SwanCon.

My hope for this is that it will have a little bit of something for everyone. For this reason we have decided to go with 3 programmes – one literary, one social (fannish) and one media. This I hope will generate some new ideas.

Some of the things that will be happening are; A Night at the Theatre; a cheap Banquet dinner; more discussion panels (with greater group participation); a 24-hour Fan Room; and more Games.

However, we need your help. I can’t and will not stand for the old line from fans prior to this convention about how little of their particular type of S.F., media or whatever is represented in the program. This committee is one of the most open minded you will ever find. Give us your ideas, come to the meetings (not all at the same time please, my house isn’t that big). Help us to put on the type of Con you want to go to. In plain words, get off your butts and DO something.

The next open committee meeting will be at 3pm on Sunday 22/4/90. Please phone Tara for details.

The venue’s great, the GoH is great, so let’s make the Con great.


P.S. We still have vacancies for the following positions on the Sub-Committees:-

1) Publicity Officer
2) Games Co-ordinator
3) Security

Contact Tara by letter at P O Box XXX, Nedlands 6009.

P.P.S. Sorry Cindy, you’re great too!

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