Swancon 16 Progress Report 2

The 16th W.A. Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

A drawing of a chimera-like creature by Alicia Smith adorns the front cover.

Inside cover has the usual essential information about date, venue, theme (Fantasy and the Real Worlds), guests (Barbara Hambly, Cindy Clarkson), committee, membership rates and deadlines.

Page 2 has the message from the chair, Greg Turkich along with information about the major fund-raising effort the SwanCon Raffle. The first prize was an IBM-compatible EETO Laptop Computer (80286) with 20mb Hard Disk… (Second and Third prizes were book vouchers from A Touch of Strange). The raffle was run by the Lotteries Commission – those were the days!

Pages 3 to 5 contain “The Not-Particularly-Final Programme” with the programmer still looking for volunteers to fill several blanks.

Page 5 also had information about the “Short Story Competition and Writers’ Toolkit” (Word Limit 5000 words, no more than three stories per writer).

Page 6 contains information about the auction and the awards. (Swancon’s cut from the non-Fan Fund items was 20% at the time, rounded up to the nearest dollar, not exceeding actual sale price).

It also notes that all items to be auctioned should be handed in at the registration desk by 12 noon on Saturday. A written list of these items will then be made available to the attendees, and the highest priority will be given to the items which arouse the most interest. Items which attract no pre-bids – including those handed in after the deadline for the list – will be prioritised at the auctioneer’s discretion. A low priority item may be offered late in the auction in supersonic haste, as part of a job lot with five Gor novels, or to a near-empty room.

On the back page you can find the membership list, there were 82 at that time, and it all finishes with the advertising rates.

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