Swancon 16 PR3 – The Marge Hughes Award

Swancon 16 PR3 is a 16-page A5 booklet with unconventionally numbered pages: the inside cover is page 1, so the odd/even page convention is inverted. The bottom two thirds of page 2 is titled:

The Marge Hughes Award


Many years ago I came to my first Swancon meeting, and met an elderly lady by the name of Marge Hughes. She spoke at length to me about the con, and over the many years since that first meeting, I came to know her as MUM FAN

It wasn’t a Swancon unless Mum Fan was there to welcome the new fen to the con and explain to them that we weren’t all as crazy as we looked and that we would get used to it after our second or third con. In fact, she made a point of welcoming new fans and making cons enjoyable for them.

Sadly, she passed away, and not only left a hole in her son’s life, but also in W.A. Fandom. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her, or even had the slightest contact with her.

With the permission of her son, Warren Hughes, this committee has decided to introduce a special award to honour Mum Fan.

The award will be called
“THE MARGE HUGHES AWARD” and will be for services to West Australian Fandom.

To be nominated for the award, a person must have performed services for W.A. Fandom. This person must be nominated by at least three fans who have attended at least one Swancon in the last three years, and please, if you nominate someone for the award give us at least half a page telling us why this person should receive the award. ie what the person has done for fandom in W.A.

The nominated fan does not have to reside in W.A. he/she may contribute to W.A. Fandom and live outside the state.

If you are in doubt as to the eligibility of a candidate, then please contact the committee, and we will be happy to help.

Greg Turkich

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