Aussiecon 4, Voice of the Echidna, Issue 6 – Saturday Afternoon (synopsis)

Transcribed and summarised by Elaine Walker. When looking through various bits and pieces for the SwanCon 40 ephemera books, I discovered in one of my collections of papers another collection of Voice of the Echidnas, so I’m going to summarise these ones (I appear to be missing at least one though). As per usual the constellation of the Southern Cross with the image of an Echidna drawn behind it is in the top left corner. This is an A4 sheet, double sided, printed in black on light blue coloured paper. As with the previous ones the full version is available here. One interesting typo is that the top right claims this is Issue 15 Saturday afternoon, but the page has the number of the issue as background and this is definitely 6, which matches Saturday Morning being 5. 1+5=6?

Earthquake Latest

Christchurch Airport has now reopened. Call NZ XXXX XXX XXX if you need to re-book a flight.

Murray and Natalie MacLachlan want to thank all the people who have asked after their family. Parents, son and grandson are all well. The buildings damaged are all brick ones built before 1931 – building standards NZ were improved considerably after the 1931 Napier earthquake. Currently our son faces up to 5 days without water supply but has bottled water.

–Murray MacLachlan

Art! Art!! and More Art!!!

Bid on Aussiecon 4 original art!
Original artwork created for Aussiecon 4 badge and publications by Hugo-Award winner for Best Fan Artist Sue Mason is in the Art Show. It’s for sale via only through the silent auction process so come often, bid high and bring your friends!

Meet multiple Hug Award winning artist Bob Eggleton!
“I am a Hugo award-winning fantasy/SF artist who works on both publishing projects and film concept work (such as Jimmy Neutron and most recently, The Ant Bully) but I have a passion for landscape work, small paintings and exploring the properties of paint.”

Bob is also a well-known fan of Godzilla and worked as a creative consultant in the American remake. Bob and his talented wife, artist Marianne Plumridge will be in the Art Show from 14:00-16:00 today. Come meet the ‘Zilla man himself!

Watch art jewelry being created before your very eyes!
World-Fantasy Award nominee Elise Matthesen will demonstrate her skills and creativity in the Art Show from 1000-1500 today

–Jannie Shea

A reminder about site selection closing at 1800, not 1900 on Saturday (the pocket program got it wrong).

Even more Art!!!!

Get acquainted with one of our exhibiting artist now!
Brandon Hendroff is a veteran Storyboard Artist and Conceptual Designer who has worked in Australia since 1985.

“These pictures for this Aussiecon 4 World Science Fiction Convention were painted for my own and your own pleasure, in oils, simply as an artist to celebrate Science Fiction themes. Some such as ‘Valediction’ have been with me for over 25 years…”

–Jannie Shea
[I’ll give the exclamation marks a rest now

Art for Food

Elise Matthesen will barter homemade jewellery for homemade meringue.

Advertisements for George R.R. Martin signing and a concert for a rock band called Sonic Attack which apparently had a free performance for Aussiecon 4 members. Apparently they play SciFi rock classics from bands like Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, and Motörhead, plus their own rock tributes to Moorcock, Bradbury, Asimov and more!

There was also information for raffle winners, and for those that need money for raffles and other things, some information about ATM locations (as well as a note for out-of-country travellers not to accept the machine’s offer of a fixed exchange rate since for USD it was about 3% higher than their home bank should charge).

Tonight’s Hospitality Events

Events run from 2100 to 0100 in the Crowne Plaza hotel:

  • Reno in 2011 (Corporate Left).
  • Texas in 2013 and New Zealand in 2020 (Corporate Right).
  • London in 2014 (Bridge)

Also, Brotherhood Without Banners (George R R Martin) will be holding and event at 2130 in the CO Nightclub, 2nd floor of the Crown Casino: Free entry and open bar!

Banana 3.0

We hear that Australia has a vast range of bananas available, rather than just boring old Cavendish like most places have. Well, ok, not exactly vast: Banana 1.0, the Gros Michel, is just as extinct here. Still, would anyone like to bring the Newsletter team a sample of the most likely contender for Banana 3.0, the Goldfinger? Apparently it has a slightly tart, apple-like flavour…

Cartoon of smiling banana (peel making arms) wearing an Australian style hat with the dangling corks

Some information on the WSFS Business meeting that you can look at in the link provided above if you are interested. And some pre-information on the Sunday Business meeting. And the Mark Protection Committee meeting.

The Online Writing Workshop was having a dinner for past and present members on Saturday.

Life’s Little Problems

All Perth fans should see Ana [sic] Hepworth to be assigned their unique “Perth number” and then we are all gathering at the bottom of the escalators by the registration desk at 1800 Sunday for a gigantic photo!

Chris Coman

“Can you please explain what WOOF is?”
It’s an APA put together at Worldcons!

Other bits of information about lost and found stuff (including a recording pen and black notebook), overloaded WiFi access points, and MCEC cloakroom for those not wanting to lug bags etc. around. And someone looking to offload extra blank DVDs t a cut price.

Penguin Parade (part 1)

We looked at the torrential downpour with various levels of dismay. “This,” I said to Doug, “Is why people who aren’t us wait until the day of the trip before they book it.” We struggled into walking boots and waterproofs and arrived at the coach pickup in plenty of time. The driver was jolly and held out some hope that the weather would be better when we got to Phillip Island. We stared dubiouosly at the rain lashing the windows and the thick grey clouds. However, by the time we reached our first stop the rain was mostly over.

First stop was a Devonshire cream tea at the Warrook Cattle Farm. As Doug’s Mum lives in Devon, and I have suffered some bizarre attempts at cream teas in the past (most notably in the Malaysian Highlands where they don’t actually have any cream), we were interested to see what was on offer. The scones were perfect and still warm from the oven, the cream was fresh and whipped, the strawberry jam tasty and the coffee perfectly acceptable – yeah, I know, but I don’t like tea. After our cream tea (and with a minor piece of in-house entertainment involving a small child locked in the toilets) we went out to look at the animals. This is a proper cattle farm, but near the restaurant were two paddocks, one containing emus pecking at what we took to be the bones of the last unwary tourist that got too close, and the other containing a large pond, ducks and geese, and a number of kangaroos. You could buy some food and use it to tempt the kangaroos to pose for photos and allow themselves to be stroked or, if you’re like us, you could get your photos whilst someone else paid the money and did the work. There were also two wombats in pens, tempted by the owner to come up close and personal with a selection of carrots. They were much bigger than most people expect and we like them a lot.

–Julia Daly

Friday Membership Stats!

At the close of Friday, we had 1582 pre-registered members on site, as well as 52 walk-in full members. On Friday there were 67 Friday day members.

This issue was produced by Ang Rosin, with help from Flick, Jan, Doug, Steve and the Pensione Hotel “2 Eggs How You Like Them” Breakfast Special. Masthead and fillo by Sue Mason. Excessive use of exclamation marks is the sign of a jet-lagged mind.
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