SwanCon ’95 – Progress Report July 1994 – The Form Guide

Being page 4* of the Swancon ’95 July 1994 Progress report. Transcription by Anna H; typeos faithlessly transcribed.

* and part of 5 – the rest of page 5 is a somewhat nostalgic half page ad for “Valhalla Games and Hobbies (brought to you by the founder of the ‘original Simulations 1976-85’)”, from when it was at 493 Wellington Street Perth, opposite Horseshoe Bridge. Merchandise listed as “Wargames Fantasy-SF RPG’s Figures Kits Kites Paints Books Jigsaws SOFTWARE”.

The Form Guide

Yes! It’s the all-new Generic Application Form, which bears a suspicious resemblance to the last GAF, but which we’re hawking as an entirely new product anyway!

With this GAF, you get up to two members’ names, addresses, and membership card layouts on the one piece of paper! That’s twice the number of member’s details, on the same surface area! And we didn’t even have to use the back of the sheet! Twice as many names! Twice as many addresses! Twice as many little postcode boxes to colour in! And twice as many apparently random words highlighted in bold face!

OK. Enough of cynical sales pitch mode. The form is there to prevent you from forgetting to tell us something obvious, like your name. (Yes! It really happens!) It’s damn easy to fill out, and it’s quite possible that these directions are entirely superfluous. (Almost like writing instructions on a packet of toothpicks…)

Write in a number of dollars, and the number of each type of membership you would like (adult, child, supporting). It’s quite important at this stage that the number of dollars you’ve written on the form matches the number you’ve written on the cheque. It would also be nice if the number of dollars matches the total value of the memberships you want, but this is not essential. Guy, our treasurer, will allow you to buy your membership in whatever sized chunks you wish (integer numbers of dollars, though), and he will keep track of how much you still need to pay. But note that if you only have part membership and there is a price rise, you’ll need to pay correspondingly more. No sneaky putting down $1 at the cheaper price.

Now fill in the name and address section. Bear in mind that you should give us a mailing address that will still be applicable in April ’95.

Now the exciting part: the badge layouts. The badge should contain your name, with the name you like people to call you by in larger letters. Below are a couple of (half size) sample badge layouts.

[At the bottom of the page are two horizontal rectangles. In the one on the left, there is a large ‘Doug’ on the top line, a medium sized ‘Burbidge’ on the middle line, and a small sized email address on the bottom line. In the one on the right, the large font top line reads ‘Comrade’ and the middle sized middle line reads ‘Peter Cooper’. The bottom line is either blank or invisible ink.]

If you run out of space (i.e. you want to buy more than two memberships), you can put additional info on the back of the form, or you can enclose another bit of paper. All that remains now is to fold up the form, stick the cheque inside, and staple or tape the form closed.

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