SwanCon 95 – Progress report July 1994 – The Introductory Bit

The SwanCon 95 Progress Report, July 1994 edition, is an 16 page (numbered in hexadecimal) A5 booklet. Page 3 is ‘The Introductory Bit’. Transcription is by Anna Hepworth, and as ever typoes are faithfully reproduced. Note that SwanCon 95 was the 20th SwanCon, and was held in 1995

Welcome to the Official Swancon ’95 Regional Media Convention July 1994 People’s National Democratic Socialist Progress Report.

The reason of existence of this PR is twofold: firstly to tell you of all the hoopy things we’re doing, and secondly to remind you that there’s a membership price rise coming up real soon now. In fact, the day after Con Fusion. So, bring some dosh along to Con Fusion to buy your membership with. Or if you are amongst the Foolish Ones who are not going to this year’s con, fill out the form in the middle of this PR, nail a cheque to it and mail it off to us ASAP. Alternatively, you can buy membership at A Touch Strange or at Valhalla, who are both kindly operating receipt books for us.

Now, on to hoopy thing number one. You will have noticed from this progress report’s cover that we finally have some exciting art as a logo for our con. With the advent of this art, we have also created a T-shirt to put it on. The Swancon ’95 Official Commemorative T-shirt is in two colours, red and grey, on a white 100% cotton shirt, and is now available from the ’95 committee, a snip at a mere $15, and we will of course be selling them at Con Fusion.

At Swancon 18, we published a program leaflet separately to the souvenir book. This allowed you to leave your souvenir book in a safe place while you dragged the easily-replaced program leaflet through panels, pools, pizzas, whatever. At Swancon’95, we are considering taking this one step further, by publishing the souvenir book after the con. This will allow us to add in material arising from the con: results of whiteboard activities (remember 1010 ways to kill Wesley Crusher?), photo competition winners, tournament winners, the con wrap-up, and so forth. This is a fairly bit change, and we are looking for feedback from you. So corner a committee member sometime, and tell us what you think.

And now, on with the show.

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