Swancon XIII – Programme Book – Chairthing's Blurb

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, all typographical errors reproduced to the best of my ability

Chairthing’s Blurb

It’s Swancon time again! Yet another year has passed us by and all we have to show for it is the signs of aging (and/or decay).

That is not totally true. Much has happened since we last gathered as a group for three days and nights of frivolity. Perth has won the right to host the 1989 National Science Fiction Convention, congratulations Perth, and interest in holding a Worldcon here is still strong.

On the fannish front UNISFA continues to stride forward, bringing in new blood and maintaining old. It has been recently joined by another student organised body, the CIA, Curtin imagination Association. Fannish growth may not be exponential but at least it grows.

Regular gatherings in the guise of FM and Cappuccino Bar meetings have also sprung into being and are receiving increasing support.

Locally published fanzines may also be on the comeback. Fanzac hopes to make its debut at the convention, and a few others are rumoured to be not far behind that.

On a personal front, hands up all who have got engaged, had a child, moved house, got a job, or undergone some other major change in their lifestyle. Quite a few of us! (to my knowledge none have managed all of the above in the last twelve months, but one couple came awfully close)

Given our personal and collective achievements of the last year it may seem a little incongruent that we are having our thirteenth con. For those of you who are worried by that sort of thing, just imagine all the fun you can have in the dark!!!??

Despite the shadowy overtones of a Black Swancon the aim of this convention is no different from any other, to be enjoyable for all. Unfortunately we can not totally program this in, so its up to you now.

Matthew Clarkson

(Fun aside, the Westos is haunted by the ghosts of past Swancons. So if you see Ian Nichols in a dark corridor and could have sworn he had a full head of hair, or Don Griffiths clean shaven (a harrowing sight), don’t panic. It is just the remnants of Swancon 7, 8 & 9.)

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