Swancon XIII – Programme Book – Who is Dave Luckett? … The Duck Strikes Back!

Transcription of this GoH bio by Elaine Walker who has endeavoured to reproduce any and all typographical errors faithfully.

… The Duck Strikes Back!

David Ellis Luckett..a name to conjure with, a man of stature within the fannish community.
Most of you who know Dave will know him as a quiet, retiring sort of person who prefers the dimly-lit shadows of the wings rather than the brilliant spotlight of centre stage. It just goes to show how well he has the majority of fandom fooled! Allow me, gentle reader, to acquaint you with some of the more interesting episodes in the life of D.E. Luckett, the boy, the adolescent, the man!
His origins are shrouded in mystery; well, mist actually. He was discovered alone, unclothed and screaming his lungs out, on the side of a Welsh mountain by poor shepherds. The sheer size of their find caused one shepherd to observe “When they made him, they broke the mould first!” Young Luckett did not take kindly to this affront and smote the offending shepherd with the jaw-bone of a near-by sheep. The sheep was just as surprised as the shepherd!! Fro this auspicious beginning it was obvious that the youngster would follow the two great Welsh traditions – Rugby and Eistedfodd.
He is a filker par excellence and yet is quite unfannish. In spite of his shy, reticent ways he has found his way into the hearts of many members of fandom. His conquests have been many, although he will deny such a thing vociferously.
Many a young (and not-so-young) femfan has fallen under the spell of his rich, warm voice. Many have thought to themselves “Ooooooooh, wouldn’t I just!” Just what? I am not sure, but should you find any young femfan willing to confess to such feelings, ask her, it might be educational. Whatever the reason behind his attraction to the female of the species, I believe it goes back to the old saying – “Just because there’s snow on the roof, doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire in the hearth!”
Dave is a bundle of tireless enthusiasm and boundless energy; except after a night of playing Railbaron and entertaining his son Evan! He is generous, friendly and willing to talk to anyone, even lamp posts if he’s had a few too many! He is well deserving of being a Guest-of-Honour, although he might feel he has not done anything to deserve it.
Encourage him! Get to know him! He’ll enjoy it as much as you will!!!!!!!

John McDouall

********* indicates material removed due to the libel laws of this state. Besides, the less his wife knows about those incidents the better it is for him, and the less I say the better it is for me.

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