Swancon 18 – Progress Report 0 – Part 3

The Programmer’s Bit

transcribed by Chris Creagh

Of course we, the Swancon 18 Committee, hope to bring you the best programmed Natcon ever. Towards that end, and learning from my experiences as co-programmer at Swancon 11, I have been very fussy about the con hotel’s function space, sometimes to the dispair of fellow committee members.

As Programmer, I am aware that I cannot be all things to all fans. While I have knowledge and experience in some areas, in others I don’t even know the questions to ask, much less the people to ask to fill out a programme. I am therefore in the process of assembling a Programming Subcommittee, each of whom will have expertise in – and responsibility for – particular areas of the programme.

Current plans call for a great deal of diversity in the programme – hopefully more than previously encountered at Swancons. How does happen? Generally, fewer panels. Some academic papers, if possible. More symposia – that’s academic for a verbal free-for-all on a specific subject. (The name comes from the Greek, originally meaning a drinking party. Too right, says the Chair.) A drama stream, maybe with a night at the theatre. A masquerade with a costume workshop before and an emphasis on presentation and mass entry. A role-playing games program you sign up for at the Con. The everlovin’ Rail Baron Championship, with the usual Night Of The Long Knives final, but also Star Fleet Battles. A writer’s workshop and (get this) a GM’s workshop, with a sale of results. A cartooning workshop – maybe even a whole cartooning stream – and perhaps a juggling workshop. Children’s programming. A strong media stream. The best video programme we can possibly manage. An organised filk singout, with “Little Green Blues” being disqualified.

Representatives of other types of fandom (icecream and jellybean? massage? L. Ron Hubbard as God?) are invited to contact me. If they can convince me that there are indeed people Out There who’d like to see programme items catering to their particular interests, then … hey, they may find themselves on the Programming Subcommittee! Aqua Space Invaders Championships in the Swan River … now there’s an idea …

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